When I ruled the world

Dear Barry,
Yes I know that i haven't updated my blog, but hey, I have a life! I wasn't at school today... I'm sick with a fever, but i'm glad it came now and not when the americans where here. Soo i've been sleeping and coughing and drinking tea all day.
I've been thinking. Am I boring and depressed all the time?

Today i actually have a quota to share with you:

"This world was much better when i ruled it, but now i have to satisfie myself with beeing a princess in my daddy's mind"
How about that?

And here is my fashion for the day. 
   Stor bild
                 It's a big wallet, Friis & Company
                                                                                           About 399:-

Some cute t's:

Both are from the U.S.A.
To die for skirt:

Hope You like it!

When you do your thing

Dear Barry,
Today Siri was here, it was really fun! We watched a movie and slept til 10! But now i'm alone again, she went home cuz she's going to dinner or something. And she actually asked if I wanted to come along, but we are having guests over tonight for dinner. :( But i'll see her tomorrow!

Well, now i'm wearing a white knitten cardigan and jeans.
But i really have to go now, the guests are here!


Pulling at my hair

Dear Barry,
Goodmorning. Have you all slept well? I know i have, but that was after heroes and I had to talk with my brother for ages cuz he also wanted to know what happend this episode. And i'm so watching the next episode already!

This will be a short note, since I have to do some of my fysics. I did it all yesterday but i would like to go over it again. And you know something, I'm getting really good at typing in english. Again, cuz i haven't tried my "skills" since i wrote that poem. Wich by the way was highly apreciated by my friends. Even though they didn't understand at least half of it.

But now it is time for me to go downstairs and eat some breakfast, it is very inportant to eat breakfast to stay healthy!


Is that me in the mirror?

Dear Barry,
Well now i've done some of my homework. I really don't apreciate that my blog kinda crashed so that's why i looks different. I did something wrong i guess. Oh well, i'll fix it later.

It was surprisingly easy, the fysics. Almost to easy. But that is good in only my case i guess. I haven't spoken to my mom in two days now and i'm not in the mood for telling you why, cus it isn't really intresting. All that matters is that i'm happy with who i am and that i can look in the mirror without feeling any shame or disgrace. And I can actually do that.
My mom is now in a cheerleading meeting and my dad is in a soccer meeting, my brother is at sailng and my sister just came home from skating practice. I, still, can't practice. :( But it's good in one way and bad in another.
Today (as i said before) I came home early from school. But i didn't go home before my exam, so thatäs not the reason i went home and btw i'm not that kinda person!

At nine o' clock it's time for Heroes, and i'm really fond of it, though i've only seen like three episodes and it's season two.
 Thank you my friends for telling me about this wonderful series!
I'm really excited!!! :D
So, i've already told you about todays outfit, so i guess that it aint that much left to say
But first, before i say goodbye i want you to listen to this song, it's from Gossip Girl. Another series that i watch. And it rocks!! I really love their clothes, i would almost kill for their clothes. Only almost.


Looking through a rainy window

Dear Barry,
Yesterday was one of the worst days in my life, but i'm not going in to details since I want this blog to be happy. Today we had a big exam, and i think it went pretty well. Then we had english and it was BORING. I don't know why :P
Atfer that I went home, i'm sick, again :( hopefully i'm back again tomorrow! Cuz i don't like being home sick, it's soooo boring. U just eat and sleep and watch tv and sleep some more, yeah i think u get my point.
So now i'll prepare for tomorrows fysics test, and again, it's not my strongest subject.
Todays outfit was my dark jeans (filippa K) and my new uggs :) And a white blouse from odd mollywith red details. I haven't used the blouse for a long time.
Here's a pic ;)

I look pretty weird there but I'll let you have it.
And i've been working on my designs a little, they are still rough so don't give me any crap!
 A blue satin beach dress with sandals. (she's walking that's why she looks a little weird.
 Blouse with jeans and ballerina's. You can't really see it but it's there.:D
And thanx for all the sweet comments, i'll keep them in my heart!


Talking to my inner soul

Dear Barry,
Today was hectic. I hardly slept because my cat was mewowing all night long. And then i got up extra ealy since it's my sisters birthday. She really liked my presents, and all of the other ones to!
Then i went to school. Nothing really interesting happend other than the fact that i had a french test, abd i had actually studied for it but since i was going to rehab (for my knees, not drugs) i didn't have time too complete it :(
So i'm supposed too finish it at home.

After rehab, i walked in the rain, or it was more of a mist really, and i started thinking. Why am I going to this school? I want too switch schools (again). And then i started thinking about it and came to the conclusion that maybe it was a good idea, cuz then i can focus more on my training since i don't have more than 30m to the school. But as I said, It was just a thought!

Todays outfit was an Odd Molly cardigan and dark Filippa K jeans (both swedish desingers btw). And oh, i got my new shoes, UGGS :)<3 I really like them and they are nice and warm. Yay me!
This is what i wore today, but in blue

And with these shoes;

Oh yeah, i told some of my friend about the blog, so hopefully i'll get some coments!


And another day goes, Just to remind me of tomorrow

Dear Barry,
Yet another day has passed my independent life and I still feel as lost as I did this morning. And though i've been to school and actually paid attention to class I feel that i havn't learnt anything. Weird huh?
Tomorrow is my littlesisters birthday. She's turning 8, and already wants a designer bag. She's a snob, or at least i think so. I got my first when i was 11.
I'm getting up pretty early tomorrow so i can celebrate my sister. Even though we can fight a lot we still love each other.

Well todays outfit was quite simple, a knitten sweater in oatmeal and manchester jeans in beige. My hair was a mess but who cares?
I'll just let the picture speak for it self.

 I took this picture by myself. That's why it kinda sucks :P

Love ,
Barry ♥

Time goes by...

Dear Barry,
It's monday the 8/9 and i'm already tired of school or this week. Maybe cuz i'm supposed to have two exams. In history and fysics. Not my strongest subjects.
School began at 9:25 with music and we are preparing for a concert already wich is kinda fun, i like singing! My friends and I chatted for a while before class then our teacher came. And she was like; What are you doing here?!
And we were kinda like; Uhh, we have music now, with you. She looked at us kind of confused and then she finally rememberd. Poor Charlott. Always confused. But she is really nice and loving!
Well since my knees are messed up i couldn't participate in P.E. But i didn't really matter, cuz they where outside in the rain.
And oh yeah! I got a new jacket, from one of my favorite brand Odd Molly. It's really cute, I got comments for it all the time. SMILE :D And i'm getting marching shoes for it. Today actually.
 fullsize Look's muck cuter on me, at least i think.
Now i have to do some homework, boring.

Barry ♥

First time ever ♥

Dear Barry,
I know that it's weird talking to yourself, but somebody actually said to me once that it can be quite healthy. Now that sience.
Well, Barry, gosh it feels wierd but whatever, or can you imagine yourself talking  to yourself? I meen you don't think i'm totally disoriented right?
This is actually supposed to be my journal, u know, where u write stuff like what's happend t scholl and other non important stuff like that. I hoping to write allot about fashion. I have a passion for fashion, it's a cliché i know but it's totally true in my case. I'm also in to cheerlaeding, my team is called Diamonds (totally bling :D) and i also do figureskating and i love too sing! But i think that's enough information about me, myself and I.
I hope u will continue reding about me, cuz i will be here, everyday in writing and pictures.

Barry ♥

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